Thursday, March 5, 2015

Throwback Thursday...Iron Maiden

A couple of posters and a concert ad from a few times I have seen Iron Maiden in concert.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Seven Inch Saturday (Against Me!)

Today's seven inch single is an exclusive Black Friday Record Store Day release from 2014. It is a four song seven inch by Laura Jane Grace and Atom Willard of Against Me!. This recording was done as part of the Daytrotter Sessions and was recorded in May of 2014 and came out on the Total Treble label which was started by the band. It is a rare solo performance by Laura, two of the songs Transgender Dysphoria Blues and Two Coffins are from Against Me!'s last album Transgender Dysphoria Blues, while the other two songs Pretty Girls is from their 2005 album Searching For A Former Clarity and 500 Years is a previously unreleased song. This was a limited release of 2000 copies. Good stuff!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday...Rocket From The Crypt

A couple of posters from the times I have seen Rocket From The Crypt in concert.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


A couple of weeks ago I picked up a beer that interested me as it seemed to have a music theme to it. That, and I love beer, so ya I had to try it. It's a India Pale Ale brewed by Better Bitter Brewing Company out of Burlington, Ontario. The beer is called Headstock by Nickel Brook. The beer is a strong beer which really isn't my thing, but hell ya I drank it. What really caught my eye on this beer can is the picture of the man with the guitar on it. Anyone that knows rock n' roll can tell there is no doubt this picture on the can is Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Elliot BROOD Live in Edmonton Feb.18th 2015

On Wednesday night I went to the sold out double bill of Elliot BROOD and The Wilderness of Manitoba concert at the Starlite Room.

Being a weeknight show, I had to have myself a nap after work, as I knew this was going to be a later show. I was hoping to catch the tail end of the openers The Wilderness of Manitoba set, but by the time I got to the venue, the line up to get in was huge. I guess I wasn't the only one getting there a little late. So by the time I got in, I had missed their set.

After a quick change of gear it was time for headliners Elliot BROOD. This was my fourth time seeing the band in concert but the first time I have seen them headlining. Elliot BROOD are on tour to support their album Work And Love that came out in October, an incredible album, one of my favorites of last year.

This Toronto alt-country trio made up of Casey Laforet on guitar and vocals, Mark Sasso also on guitar/banjo/ukulele and vocals and drummer Stephen Pitkin were ready to rock the Starlite Room. On this tour the band was rounded out with steel guitar player Aaron Goldstein, an added addition and a nice touch.

Their hour and twenty minute set was excellent playing lots from their album Work And Love, like "Each Other's Kids", Jigsaw Heart", "Little Ones" and "Nothing Left". They also did "Oh Alberta" from the Tin Type album, a song that had the crowd singing along. The band was trying to get the crowd to jump up and dance, but with the floor area so packed it was hard to get the crowd reaction they were looking for. As the show went on it started to thin out a bit, not because it was a bad show, but more like it being a work night and it was getting late. But once it thinned out, you could see the crowd really get in to the performance more, that and probably because there had been a few beers consumed as well. So as the show went on, it just seemed to get better and better.

The band covered a Crazy Horse song called Dance,Dance,Dance wrote by Neil Young, but during this song guitarist Casey ran into technical problems which kind of ruined the song. After getting that fixed the band came back strong. For the encore Elliot BROOD came out with ukuleles and played the song "The Valley Town" from the 2008 album Mountain Meadows. A great way to end a high energy performance from the band. An awesome show overall. Good times!!!

Elliot BROOD at the Starlite Room.


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Seven Inch Single Saturday (Deer Tick)

Today's seven inch single from Deer Tick is a Record Store Day exclusive from last year limited to 2000 copies that was released on Partisan Records. The two songs on this single are from the sessions from their last album called Negativity. The two songs are Side A - Bus Stop and on Side B - Denver. I really like the side A song, the song on side B is very slow. I have included the tow songs for your listening pleasure. Check your local record store as this single can still be found with some digging. Enjoy!!!

Side A - Bus Stop

Side B - Denver

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday...Anvil

A few posters from the times I have seen Anvil in concert.